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      Zhenjiang haida Marine equipment co.,ltd is located in Zhenjiang, jiangsu province, located in the Yangtze river delta, the geographical position advantageous, water and land transportation is very convenient. The factory covers an area of about 3000 square meters, the staff more than people, is a national related departments to strictly approval is registered, specializing in the production of Marine deck machinery and equipment of the private-owned enterprises.

      The factory owns the welding, heat treatment, machining, assembly and perfect surface treatment of means of production; Product application CAD design and advanced testing methods; A complete quality assurance system.

      Factory main products: electric/hydraulic crane, boat davit, the boat winch, polishing LaJia and a series of ship equipment.

      The factory has always been adhering to the "integrity-based, quality first, serve the society, the pursuit of excellence, harmonious win-win" business philosophy. Relying on advanced technology as the foundation, the efficient management as the core, insist on the introduction, borrow sign, digestion, absorption and independent research and development pattern. So as to enhance market competitiveness, and strive to make the products sell well both at home and abroad.

      Take customer as the center, the system management, continuous quality improvement, to ensure that customer satisfaction is our eternal aim. 

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